How to become a Private Investigator in Singapore
  1. Approval from the Singapore Police Force which you can apply at their portal at
  2. Fulfilling the training requirements by passing the “Perform investigation activities in compliance with legal requirement (PI)” module conducted by approved training providers like
  3. A photo ID card that has to be applied in person at Union of Security of Employees ( For some reason information is scarce in their website for this. Basically after fulfilling the above 2 pointers you go in person to their office and they will check and make a photo ID for you.
  • SGD16.00 for the application to Singapore Police Force for the approval.
  • SGD250.00++ for the training module, you can use Skillsfuture Credits to offset it if you have.
  • SGD22.50 for the photo ID



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David Billa

David Billa

Security Engineer who believes that, there is no spoon.